Friday, July 6, 2012

2 Months

2 months ago today, we were getting ready to go to the hospital the next morning for my scheduled C-section. I was waddling but because I'd hurt my back a few weeks before, I was also limping. I couldn't wait to get this hiccuping, wiggly, head-in-my-ribs baby girl out of me and at least get rid of the waddling and pregnancy pain.

The next 3 days in the hospital, Matt and I had to switch off who got to sleep and who had to hold the baby, because she would only sleep if she was being held. It was adorable and frustrating at the same time. I was in a ton of pain from the surgery and was on pain meds and sleeping the majority of the time, so Matt ended up holding her most of every day while he watched shows on Netflix on his laptop.

My mom came out to help after the first week and ended up staying for 3 weeks for me. The healing process was slow, and when coupled with a newborn who needs to be held to stay asleep, that's a recipe for disaster. There were several nights I fell asleep holding Evs and almost dropped her, so I'd hand her off to my mom. In the morning, I'd see them cuddled up like this:

My mom got her to start sleeping in her bassinet for the first time and had so much great advice for me that has helped a ton. I'm so lucky to have such a loving mother who was willing to come help me for so long and  help me when I needed her most, even at 2am. I love you Momma.

2 months later, I couldn't be happier. Evs is beautiful and perfect in every way. She's a smart girl who wants to see the world (and usually gets overtired and cranky because she never wants to shut her eyes -- she's too busy looking at everything). She's a very happy girl who coos when she wakes up instead of crying and loves staring at fans (she also has conversations with fans -- it's pretty adorable). There have been many [almost] sleepless nights, but she's making up for it now by sleeping around 12 hours at night (even if she does think nighttime starts at 1am or later), only waking 1 or 2 times to eat. She's an absolute Daddy's girl already. Her favorite part of the day besides eating time is being with Daddy.

She was lifting her head up in the first few days of life and rolling from her tummy to her back at 4 weeks. She scoots across her entire bassinet while sleeping and I wouldn't be at all surprised if she decided to start crawling right now! I love this girl, and as tired as she makes me, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

May 6th, the day before Evs was born
What I have 2 months later :)