Thursday, January 30, 2014

21 months!

I can't believe my sweet girl is almost 21 months old already! She's turned into a crazy little booger who loves life and has endless amounts of energy, which is hard for me to keep up with when I'm pregnant.

I know it's blurry, but she actually SMILED for the camera for once!

Here are recent facts and stories about Evelyn:

*At least once a week, she'll wake up at about 11pm and again at about 2am...and happily play in her crib! She does this for about an hour each time. It's the strangest thing, but it happens like clockwork!

*Her favorite song is If You're Happy And You Know It. She won't sing it at all but she loves the hand clapping and foot stomping and always does it at the right time. If we make the mistake of singing it once, we usually have to sing it about 10 more times before she'll (sometimes) let us stop.

*Every time I sneeze (which is a lot since my allergies become terrible during pregnancy), Evelyn says "Bess oo!" (Bless you)

*One of Evelyn's favorite games is "counting," meaning she helps us say "1, 2, 3" and then she gets thrown on our bed.

*She puts purse-like things on her arms (gift bags, buckets, etc) and then tells me bye-bye and that she's going shopping:

*She's already taking after her daddy: she loves the Star Wars ABCs book my parents got for her and she's already learned Han Solo, Wookiee, and Tie Fighter.

*She has a cute little boyfriend named Keegn (no, that's not a typo) she met at church and even though he turned 4 last week and she's not even 2, they absolutely adore each other. He's so protective of her and she thinks everything he does is amazing.

*There's a lady at church, Sherrie, that she decided looks like my mom the week after we moved in and calls her bamma (grandma). So when my mom visited last week and she suddenly had both of these "grandmas" in the same room, she was so distracted from everything else. She'd point at my mom saying "bamma" and then turn and point at Sherrie and say "bamma." She did this more than 15 times: "Bamma. Bamma." She was so happy about it.

*One day this past week I was in the bathroom blowing my nose and suddenly I see Phoebe running past at full speed. I wondered why until I saw Evelyn run past a few seconds later, chasing Phoebe with a huge mischievous grin and a purple shovel raised in the air :)
Other times she's so sweet with her dog. She throws her tennis ball around the house for her and tells her "drop it" when Phoebe brings her the ball and "good girl" when she drops it. She also goes out of her way to give Phoebe her toy bone and pet her, and she always is asking me if she can give Phoebe a treat.

She's quite the cuddlebug, but only with Daddy

*She has a favorite puppet and gets nothing but pleasure out of him gobbling up her princesses and then spitting them out.

*Did I mention she has an obsession with Disney princesses? She has Little People, regular figurines, and larger bath toys - 20 in all - and she can't do anything without them. They go to bed with her (ALL of them), she has to take a few in the car, shopping, to church, you name it. She also throws tantrums because she can't carry them all at the same time. At least twice daily, she wants to move them to a different room but won't just move a few at a time. Instead she has a meltdown and cries and yells "PINCESS! PINCESS!" over and over until someone comes and helps her carry them.

Elmo "tickling" her favorite princess, Pocahontas ("Hontas")

*She's such a little mommy. She feeds her baby dolls and princesses her food and holds bottles for them to drink. She puts diapers on her favorite stuffed dog. She makes sure they're always cozy by putting blankets on them and tucking them in. When she sees a real baby and their pacifier or bottle has fallen, she helps them put it back in their mouths. I can't wait for her to be a big sister, she's already so good about everything and loves to help.

Evelyn Renae has been such a huge blessing in our lives. She brings the most stress to our lives, but that's okay because she also brings the most happiness. We love this wild child so much.

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