Saturday, February 25, 2012

Counting Down The Days

We had both dogs shaved today (if I vacuum every 3 days, their fur fills up the canister in each room. It's disgusting). We knew Sam would look funny, but we weren't at all prepared for what we saw. We couldn't stop laughing when they brought him to us.

BEFORE (I still don't know why he climbed into our shower)


Phoebe's change wasn't as dramatic as Sam's, so it wasn't nearly as funny. Only weird thing with her is what they did with the tail: They shaved the first inch of it and left the rest alone, which simply looks awkward
(also seen in the picture above).

29 weeks!
(And people are FINALLY daring to ask me whether I'm pregnant! 
It's about time!)

I'm not looking forward to these next 11 weeks, but I can't wait to have 
Baby Evelyn in my arms!

My symptoms going into the 3rd trimester:

*I've had SPD (the pelvis separating) almost a month, and that shouldn't happen until closer to giving birth. As a result, walking is absolute torture. So is rolling over in bed, putting on & taking off clothes, etc. My OB said the only thing that will make it not hurt so much is staying off my feet, and the pain won't go away till I've had the baby. Yay for encouraging words.

*My "morning sickness" came back about 3 weeks ago, but most days it's only at night. When it reaches about 8-9pm, I curl into a ball for the rest of the night.

*Leg cramps are insane, especially while I'm sleeping.

*Braxton Hicks accompany me day and night. My record so far is 3 within a 15 minute span. And I don't understand people who say they don't hurt. Sure, a few of them have only been uncomfortable, but for the most part, they're painful!

*Hot flashes: I wake up nearly every night (sometimes multiple times) drenched in sweat. It's absolutely disgusting. Now as of yesterday, I'm getting them through the day also.

*Arrhythmia: My heart starts racing several times a day and it makes me feel really uptight and anxious, even if I'm just laying there and reading a book. It usually lasts 10 minutes or less. When I told my doctor, I hoped he would have some kind of suggestion to make it stop, but he just told me "It's common." Ugh.

*Pregnancy Brain: This one is my favorite. I forget things within a minute, and sometimes my brain completely stops functioning. Like this morning, I put the rest of my Chick-fil-A sandwich in the microwave to heat it up. Best part? I left it in the paper wrapper, which caught on fire and became an amazing 4 inch flame! I amaze myself, that's the first time I've done something like that in my entire life!

I'm counting down the days, I can't wait for all of this to end!


  1. Are the leg cramps charlie horses? As soon as you feel one coming on, straighten your leg and bend your toes up toward your knee. This will stretch out the back of your leg to stop a full blown charlie horse. Hope that helps.

  2. My calves used to cramp into such tight knots that I'd go leaping out of bed and have to press my heel down hard. Sometimes I was lucky and caught it coming on and then I did like Christina suggested.

    Sam looks hilarious! Hope you didn't hurt his feelings ;)

  3. Yeah, most of the time they're charlie horses. That's the stretch I do, but the majority of the time it doesn't help much -- or I wake up in the middle of one. OW.