Monday, January 9, 2012


I was a bit upset when Target informed me that they were taking me off the schedule a week early (the week after Christmas instead of the first week of January). Once again, however, I've been reminded that the Lord knows what's going on even when I don't. Matt got into a car accident 2 days before Christmas and totalled the car, leaving us with 1 car to share. He started back to school during what would have been my last days of work, so if I had still been on the schedule, I wouldn't have been able to make it to work. It was a huge blessing in disguise that I'd been dropped already.

Then I had a random surprise this week: Target called a few days ago to inform me that I'm on next week's schedule. I told them I could only work Tues, Thurs, and Sat, since that's when Matt doesn't need the car for school -- and fortunately they'd scheduled me for Thurs & Sat! The extra bit of money is going to be a huge blessing! That should be my last week now.

About the car accident, Matt's fine. He came out of it with only a headache for the next few days. Even though he rolled the car, he was being watched out for: there wasn't even any broken glass, no minor whiplash, no bruises, and the airbags didn't even deploy! We're seeing this as an even bigger blessing because the car kept almost its entire worth, and we were given a check that we can use to buy a cheap car with and then pay off all or most of the loan we took out on my car!

Phoebe's finally discovered that she's capable of jumping our fence. Not only that, but she thinks it's a game. When she jumps, she then runs around to our front door and scratches until I open it. When I open it, she's sitting very politely and her tail's wagging like crazy. We can't let them run around outside anymore when we leave the house, and most of the time when we are home, we have to go outside with them. We're trying to teach her and Sam to not jump on the wall now. Phoebe's catching on as long as she knows we can see her, but Sam's not catching on at all. Even when we use the spray bottle when he jumps, he somehow doesn't understand that it would stop spraying him if he'd just get down...

Christmas Day - 20 weeks
Christmas was a wonderful time for us. We got to spend plenty of time together, Matt was safe, and our baby girl is healthy. What more could we ask for?

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