Sunday, December 4, 2011

Soccer Pro Before Birth

Baby never sits still. EVER. We saw this starting at 8 1/2 weeks on an ultrasound. The little bugger was that small and already squirming nonstop. That's actually why the OB told us we had less than a 1% chance of miscarriage in the rest of the first trimester.

When we got the next ultrasound at 13 weeks, she was doing flips, punching, kicking, everything possible.

Around 15 weeks, I started feeling her moving while I tried to sleep. Everyone says the baby kicking feels like "fluttering" in your stomach for at least the first few weeks -- till it gets bigger and can make more of an impact. I disagree. For the first 3 or so days, it was the fluttering. After that, it stopped. Maybe it's just because Baby keeps cornering herself in one side of my tummy (which looks kinda funny-- when she does it, which is about 1/2 of each day, I look about a month further in my pregnancy if you see me from my right side than from my left), but I've felt real kicking since about 15 1/2 weeks.

I can't begin to imagine what I'm in for in the remaining 23 weeks!

17 weeks
P.S. Congratulations to Darilyn & Jonathan Jeter on their new arrival! Best of luck to both of you!!! :)

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