Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bits & Pieces

Work is killing me! The baby is slowly breaking my back, and I swear I'll need back support before I reach 5 months! One of my co-workers (older woman who's apparently losing her filter a little bit) found out yesterday that I'm pregnant, and her response made my day: "I thought you were. But then I thought 'Nah, she's just fat.'" At least I'm starting to sort of look pregnant to people!

In my spare time I'm crocheting a baby blanket. It's gender neutral because I started it before we found out we're having a girl. It's a ripple afghan, which is fortunately much easier than I thought it would be (I haven't crocheted since high school, so I require something easy). I just started the 4th ball of yarn and this is its current state:

I have to be careful every time I work on it because Phoebe thinks it's a new toy and will do anything to get some in her mouth and try to run with it.

Speaking of my puppy...She loves people-watching. The weirdo absolutely adores it. She'll growl once in a while, like if another dog walks past or the mailman walks up to our house, but usually she sits there quietly for the longest time. We open the front blinds so she can do her people-watching, and she's started climbing on the ottoman for it now. I finally caught it on camera this afternoon:

Silly puppy.
This dog absolutely makes my day :) She's a psycho and always puts a smile on my face.


  1. Cute picture of Phoebe - great pose! And the blanket is coming along nicely.

  2. You're doing a super job on the afghan! It will be a nice size for cuddling the baby in or for laying her on (out of reach of the dogs of course!) You DO have a silly puppy.