Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Almost 15 Weeks

I still get really sick if I don't take my medicine (Promethazine) but I'm doing tons better! We went for an NT Scan a week ago and found out we're having a girl! They're going to confirm it in a few weeks, but the woman who did the scan was nearly positive. Little Evelyn Renae is due on May 11, 2012. We're so excited to meet our baby! She's healthy so far, development looks fine, heartbeat is great, and she wiggles like crazy! Here are pics from the scan at 13 weeks:

This is her favorite position -- facing down with her head in my back... 

Baby Profile

I HATE 4-D ultrasound pictures. I really do. Babies have no fat at this point so they're disgusting and lumpy. But I love seeing her tiny fingers. Growing a baby night and day is a blessing and a miracle!

Here's where we found out it's an Evelyn. The dark horizontal white line near  the pelvic area means girl!
I lost my waist by around 8 weeks and started showing pretty early on, at least for a first time mother! I'm not a fan of any of these pics, but they're all I have:

This was taken a couple weeks after we found out, this was around  the 4th week.

13 weeks, but I'd just eaten and my tummy always gets a bit bigger when I eat

14 weeks, I made sure I had my pic taken before I ate this time :)


  1. Dad's comment - "Oh my." :)
    I think the baby is doing her best to push outward!

  2. Hooray for girls! You look great!