Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Carpal Tunnel

It's official -- I have carpal tunnel in my right hand. The wrist brace I have to wear is terrible -- and this is coming from the girl who once broke both wrists at the same time and had a cast on one wrist & a brace on the other for 6 weeks!  It has a metal plate on the top and bottom of the wrist, and it hurts pretty badly when I do something that would normally make my wrist bend, because now it's just hitting metal. This includes driving, typing on the computer, holding my phone, cooking, washing dishes, cleaning, petting Phoebe... And Phoebe wants to bite/chew on everything lately, & she's really into this brace, so I can't play with her so far. It's really kind of discouraging.

I was looking at music today, and I'd completely forgotten about a song I'd downloaded. I used to really like "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele when it first came out. Now it's just incredibly annoying and every time I'm in the car & it comes on the radio, I turn it off. BUT... several weeks ago I came across a version I really liked, it's actually Rolling in the Deep, Someone Like You, and Turning Tables in one. It's done by some of those odd people that honestly spend all their time trying to get famous from posting videos on youtube. I guess there's hope, now that it worked for Justin Bieber? Oh well, to each his own :)

I have to go to bed so I can get up and pack for Disneyland in the morning :) It's a Collins' family vacation (meaning basically EVERYONE) from Thursday to Saturday. I've never been before, so I'm really excited!

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