Saturday, July 9, 2011

Doctors, Oh How I Love Them

Last week, I was trying to fall asleep when the fingers on my right hand suddenly went numb. I figured it wasn't anything. But now they've gone numb while sleeping, driving, sitting at the computer, and so much more. Yesterday, as I was sweeping my sis-in-law's house (that's my "job" right now. I haven't gotten to the temp agency yet, so this is my amazing source of income. haha), my fingers went totally numb again. It was too much, so I made a doctor appt finally. Now, starting when I woke up this morning around 4am, most of my hand (not JUST the fingers anymore) is numb, and it hurts, mostly in my wrist but also all the way to my elbow. Matt's even doing the dishes for me because it hurts to grasp things, and even more to twist my wrist at all. --Our dishwasher hates us, WE have to get every bit of food off before putting the dishes into the dishwasher or they don't get cleaned, so even with a dishwasher, I end up cleaning them by hand-- There's a weird sharp pain any time I even open doors, like to let Phoebe outside. I don't want to wait till Tuesday for my appointment, but that's the soonest appt they have!

Cute picture, huh? That's one of my more photogenic moments. I was in the ER in January because of a concussion from my ice skating class at BYU :)  After insurance, it was $100.91. I paid it but in the mail this week, I received *ta-dah!* a bill for $100.91. I look on the "online account" it tells me to pay on, and it says I owe them nothing -- so of course I got to have a nice conversation with them. Hooray for billing!

Next doctor, and most frustrating: Utah sleep specialist. My insurance completely covers sleep studies. Multiple people in my family have had them and they've always gone smoothly, without the confusion I'm involved in. I had my sleep study in February, and NOW I get a bill for $1559.00 -- no kidding! We're definitely talking to them...

Matt and I decided to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon in July 2010 and my big toe on my left foot was cracking (I must have smashed it against something??). I didn't want sand to get in and have my toe infected under the nail, so I had it removed, which should have been safer. It wasn't. It grew back completely ingrown and SO infected -- We only even got to go to the beach ONE time! Sad! I finally ended up going to a foot clinic. I had a bill sent to me that I received yesterday -- months later, and at my inlaw's house (I don't know how they even got their address!) for $310. My insurance paid $210, and then $50 as an insurance write off, so I still owe $50.00, according to them. The deductible was definitely met for the year, and I really shouldn't owe ANYthing...

Having doctors just makes life more complicated, so why do I even agree to go to the doctor any more?! I should quit doing dumb things and ending up at the doctor's office :)

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