Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Past Few Days...

We have a new dog entering our family on Friday! Sam belongs to Lauren Schill, one of my best friends from back home. He's a 2 year old golden retriever with SO much energy and SO much love. Lauren has nowhere to keep him right now, and until she lives somewhere that she can fully take care of him again, we're kind of going to be his foster family. The vet said this morning that he may be the best thing that could happen to Phoebe. For however long this is, she gets to have a big brother she can play with, and she won't be so bored with us. Matt and I both love Sam and are excited to have him stay with us. I have a feeling he's going to be a decent amount of money -- we even need to start off with buying him a huge crate. Good thing we have lots of leftover money from Disneyland!!

On a side note, Harry Potter was amazing -- mostly. There was a lot that didn't follow the story though. Not at all.  It was frustrating to watch those random parts that they added in. And the end? I think they could've put more than 20 minutes into trying to make the kids look like they were honestly 19 years older. Ginny was the only one, in my opinion, that looked decent. The boys had random wrinkles & they looked they were past their 40's, not still in their 30's. Hermione didn't change at all. I know they have a budget they can make those differences with.  That was a disappointing end to Harry Potter for me.

I had my IUD removed yesterday, so we can start trying to have a family! With all the health problems, I didn't think this day was ever going to come!  But as my OBGYN was removing it, he tells me to wait a month before we start trying -- that there's a tiny bit greater chance of having a miscarriage if you don't wait for a cycle. It was weird that no one had told me that before this moment. I asked my sis-in-law Leslie, who's currently pregnant and had an IUD, and she'd never heard of it. I next asked my sis-in-law Tracy, who's a nurse & gave birth less than a year ago -- also after having an IUD. She hadn't heard of it either. In the end, I decided I'm not worried. I looked it up online, and only a couple women even knew about it. A lot of women that had posted got pregnant within the first month or so & their pregnancies are going fine. Therefore, I see nothing major that's wrong with not waiting.

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  1. Megan and Matt, you two are amazing. I love you both. Thank you again for Sam. I will truly never be able to repay you for your kindness. It really is greatly appreciated.
    Also, I have heard of the waiting cycles before trying, but the risk is usually low if it doesn't happen and you get lucky before then. I wish you the best with that, and you BETTER call me. Kiss Pheobe and my Sambo for me!

  2. I was sincerely disappointed [and STILL am] with the end of Harry Potter. They completely ruined it :((((

    And yay for babies! I hope you guys are able to get pregnant quickly. Nothing is worst than having to TRY to get pregnant :(

    Btw, you make me feel like a loser for not keeping up with my blog haha. I need to be better.