Saturday, July 16, 2011


I've finally experienced it. After riding Space Mountain a second time, I saw this in a nearby store:

Needless to say, Matt was thrilled :) I walked around the store for nearly 20 minutes while he was building it, and when I came back, he still wasn't even done! My husband is such a nerd.

4 of the nephews heard about it from him so they joined him and all made their own.

Matt & our nephews -- all very proud of their lightsabers...
We had a lot of fun & stayed in the park for about 13 hours, but it was SO nice to get back home and see our puppy! Matt's friend Austin house-sat & dog-sat for us while we were gone, and apparently his shoes were in her reach this morning... and by the time we got home, he had bought new shoes, since the old ones were destroyed!!! Our crazy teething puppy.

During our day at Disneyland, I somehow killed my knee (it still hurts just to walk!) and Matt got sick from the teacup ride. I feel like we're getting so old already! 

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