Thursday, July 21, 2011

Does Life Ever Get Easy?

So what hasn't happened recently...

Matt got me into the habit of not liking to wear socks when I sleep, but during the day I always am wearing socks (I HATE dirty feet, even mine. They gross me out.) I woke up this morning and reached to the floor to pick up my socks... and there was a tick sitting on one! What in the world would it want my sock for? It has no blood in it... Weird bug. There was a huge tick on Phoebe when we first brought her home, and it laid a few eggs. They were still connected to Phoebe, so we killed them at that time. The vet removed a few more, and last week, we found one on her. Four instances of ticks, and it's getting really annoying -- We need to spray the house and the yard AND get Phoebe a tick bath now. And probably Sam too, since he'll get here before we've sprayed. It's going to be SUCH a pain!

I've been told that toothpaste works for acne. Does it really? It's supposed to dry it out, but not too much, and help get rid of the redness. I've used it twice now and felt... fresh and minty... when i took it off. haha. And it did get rid of the oiliness that was there before, but I don't know if it's really going to help more, because the redness hasn't gone away at all. I do give it some credit, because the show "The Doctors" even said to use toothpaste. I hope it really works!

Sunday is mine & Matt's one-year anniversary! It seems crazy to think that we've been married for a year, it really doesn't seem like it! We were married on 24 July 2010 in the disgusting Arizona heat in the Mesa Temple. It was the best day of my life. This picture, courtesy of Darilyn Jeter, is also where he proposed to me a few months earlier:

A wonderful thing I've had the chance to experience is...identity theft. I checked my credit report a couple days ago, but I didn't notice something until last night: I apparently have a Capital One credit card with a limit of $12,500. First, I've only had one credit card (ever), and second, I've only done anything with Visa. I've never even talked to anyone who works with Capital One. Whoever decided to do this IS making payments each month. Because of this, he/she has been able to keep this on the DL since they opened the account, which was 1 January 2009!!!

So to echo the title, does life ever get easy? Sometimes it seems busy and hard, but I don't realize how good I have it until it gets more stressful...

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  1. As far as the toothpaste goes, be sure you use "the white kind" for best effect...that's what I"ve read/experienced :)